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Converting from LH Eulers to RH Eulers

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Hi, I am trying to write an exporter from Max into D3D, but my rotations are not working correctly. I understand now that the problem is that Max uses a right-hand system and D3D uses a left hand system. What is the best way to convert my euler angles from Max into a right hand system? I read that I cannot simply negate them, but that I have to convert to a matrix and back again, is this true? As an additional problem, z and y in Max are reversed in D3D. How will this affect the conversion? Thanks all

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Original post by MENTAL
for the YZ thing:

*** Source Snippet Removed ***

tends to do the trick nicely.

I assume you mean...

float temp = vec.y;
vec.y = vec.z;
vec.z = -temp;

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