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Samurai Jack

Current File version from SourceSafe

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Samurai Jack    455
Greetings! I was wondering if it is possible, to display the current file version out of source safe? For example the same file modified 2 times at version 3, should display in about or what-so-ever method File "test.cpp" version 3. Is it possible with Micro$oft SourceSafe 6.0d and Visual C++ 7.1 (2003). This is a normal C++ console project without any managed stuff. Thank you in advance!

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markr    1692
There is some method which you can have VSS expand some tokens in your source code (like $Version or something) which gives you the revision of that file.

Alternatively, you could add a batch file or something to your build process which uses whatever VSS command dumps the version of every file (as VSS versions files individually, not as a project), and include that somewhere.

Bear in mind that VSS does not retain a complete history of changes in a project, because it doesn't handle deletions properly.

Good luck in not losing any source code*


* Which experience tells me always happens when VSS is used for anything.

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