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Faster font-rendering through render-to-texture?

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Hi! I'm currently working on a GUI-System and thinking about ways of improving the rendering process. Of course there is a lot of text in a GUI for a game. Some are quiet long, like mission-briefings, some are rather short, like button labels. At the moment, i tried two ways of font rendering, both discribed in the famous NeHe Tutorials lesson 13, which is the bitmap-method lesson 17, which is the 2D Texture font. While using the 2D Texture font, i thought of speeding the rendering up, by render all the texts to a texture and use that texture to display that specific texts again and again. So a text with 800 characters would use 1 quad instead of 800 quads. My way of getting that text to a texture would go via glCopyTexImage2D(..). via the parameters of that function, one can specify the area of the screen that should be copied...alright, but how can you specify the area where it should be rendered to in the target texture? Is it only possible to fill a whole texture with a part of the backbuffer, or is there a way of writing just at a specific area of the texture? Do you think, that this method provides a remarkable speed up? If yes, only for large text? regards, Philipp

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