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Convert rotations from right hand to left hand?

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I had the same problem with a Maya exporter -> DirectX (Maya = right handed, DirectX = left handed.

For the rotation, I found the following : If you have your rotations around each axis, and applied in the order : X, Y then Z, in a right handed system, then in a left handed system, it will be : X, -Y, -Z.

I did found that in a totally empiric way, but I've been using my exporter since half a year now, and I've never had any problem.

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Yeh thats what we're doing. Using Maya for our level editor in a DirectX based game. I tried what you said and it doesn't seem to work, can you show me exactly how you grabbed the rotation values from maya? Also, how were you constructing your projection/view matrices in DX? RH or LH?

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Can you just use a right hand coordinate system instead (rather than converting everything)? We had the same Maya problem, and switching our game to the LH system was pretty painless; 2 steps really (if I remember correctly):

1) Switch the D3DX functions that end in RH to LH
2) Switch the renderstate for culling to the reverse of what you have

I think that's pretty much all I did and never had a problem afterwards. The only downside is that mesh viewer uses a LH system, so it lessens it's value as a tool slightly.

NOTE: This assumes you use the D3DX functions for creating your transform matricies.

Matt Hughson

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Ok, here's the function which extract a transformation matrix from a dagPath, and convert it to left handed :

MFnTransform transform(dagPath);
float mat[4][4];
MEulerRotation eulerRotation;
double scale[3];
MVector translation;

// extract the transformations from the transform
translation = transform.translation(MSpace::kWorld);

// convert it to left handed
translation.x = -translation.x;
eulerRotation.y = -eulerRotation.y;
eulerRotation.z = -eulerRotation.z;

// rebuild a transformtion matrix from the modified transformations
MTransformationMatrix transformationMatrix;
transformationMatrix = transformationMatrix.identity;
transformationMatrix.rotateBy(eulerRotation, MSpace::kWorld);
transformationMatrix.setScale(scale, MSpace::kObject);
transformationMatrix.setTranslation(translation, MSpace::kWorld);

// extract the new matrix
MMatrix mayaMatrix = transformationMatrix.asMatrix();

// store it
matrix._11 = mat[0][0]; matrix._12 = mat[0][1]; matrix._13 = mat[0][2]; matrix._14 = mat[0][3];
matrix._21 = mat[1][0]; matrix._22 = mat[1][1]; matrix._23 = mat[1][2]; matrix._24 = mat[1][3];
matrix._31 = mat[2][0]; matrix._32 = mat[2][1]; matrix._33 = mat[2][2]; matrix._34 = mat[2][3];
matrix._41 = mat[3][0]; matrix._42 = mat[3][1]; matrix._43 = mat[3][2]; matrix._44 = mat[3][3];

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