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Boundary texture problem when filtering is enabled

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Hi all. in my skybox, all of six faces have at all the boundaries a white line. So the illusion of a surrounding world is perturbed. I read somewhere that it is due to filtering. i changed the filter option to NONE, and the problem disappeared. But unfiltered textures doesn't look very well. Can someone suggets how to fix it.

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There isn't always a good option to this, but you can tweak the texture wrapping parameters to good effect:

Point your browser at IDirect3DDevice9::SetSamplerState() and have a look at the D3DSAMPLERSTATETYPE enumeration. In particular the D3DSAMP_ADDRESSU and D3DSAMP_ADDRESSV enumerations.

Setting one (or both) of these indicates what D3D9 will do in these "boundary cases". I often find that D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP for both the U and V addressing can eliminate a large number of artifacts.



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