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How to compare an const unsigned char * with a char *

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Hi, I call a method which returns a conts unsigned char *, now I want to compare that to a string. I know for a char * I can just do strcmp(char *, "string"); But this gives errors, I presume because it's unsigned. Does anyone know how I could compare the two?? Thanks

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For anyone who may be interested, I found out how to cast the const unsigned char * to a const char *, thus I could compare two char * variables using strcmp.

//First I call my method which returns the unsigned char *
const unsigned char *rspValue = rsp->getValue();

//Next I compare the two, using reinterpret_cast to recast the type
if(strcmp(reinterpret_cast<const char *>(rspValue), "11") == 0){
//Do some stuff here

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