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ID3DXFont and underline/strikeout/orientation

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Is there any way to use ID3DXFont with underline/strikeout or oriented font ? D3DXCreateFont only provide arguments for bold and italic... Should I be using a standard CreateFont and GDI-Render it ? Seems to be quite a loss in performance, although I didn't try it yet because I believe there has to be a DirectX solution to this problem. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your reply.

But this was true in older versions of the SDK, when D3DXCreateFont took a HFONT as a parameter. Since then, the ID3DXFont has received an huge boost in performance, as I read, and now D3DXCreateFont takes about the same parameters as CreateFont, without underline, strikeout nor orientation.

I do not want to use older versions of the SDK because I think updates are made to be use. If GDI rendering if the only solution of course I will use it... but it is a little disappoiting though.

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Yes, however the struct as the same parameters as D3DXCreateFont :(

typedef struct D3DXFONT_DESC {
INT Height;
UINT Width;
UINT Weight;
UINT MipLevels;
BOOL Italic;
BYTE CharSet;
BYTE OutputPrecision;
BYTE Quality;
BYTE PitchAndFamily;

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