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Fabio de T P

Please take a look on my scene manager idea...

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Look, after i think a little (just a little ;-) ), I make my method to manage the scene, trying to fit this for open and close areas, and continuos scene... please, if u have any idea to meke it better, or think it is a big crappy, please tell me In my idea, you will need to create modules of the scene, that are these boxes below. So, they are conected with the others, and each one are storage in a file.. this way, just when u are getting close of the module, you load this... As I didnt make frustum cullig, I will make something more basic, such as just render what is in fornt of the plane created by the camera... In addiction, i would make some circles that will make a radius and render things that is inside it by a previus set priority. And I will make two ordened lists by X and Z positions and the camera... this why, it would be easy to make rustrum culling (or something more basic) and make simple the distance evaluate from camera to what is inside the radius... so, what did u thing??? is it a good approach???

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