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CFtpConnection::PutFile Problems

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[source = "cpp"]
	CInternetSession internet("EE");
	CFtpConnection* ftp = NULL;
	CString url;
	bool test;
	ftp = internet.GetFtpConnection("ftp.***********.com", "********", "********", INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, FALSE);

	test = ftp->GetCurrentDirectoryAsURL(url);

	url = url + "test.bmp";	
	test = ftp->PutFile("C:\\Test2.bmp", url, FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY, 1);

	MessageBox(NULL, url, "Test", MB_OK);


I dont know why its doing it but every once and awhile test.bmp will show up on the ftp server but then disappears again... Anyone know why?

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