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ToyBox v0.1.0 (2D Physics Engine)

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It's optimized now. :-D Its limited to the screen refresh rate.

Oh yeah, it requires clanlib in order to compile.

v 0.1.1

The ToyBox collision code uses:

2D Swept Collisions.
Concave/Self-intersecting polygons
Iterative collision testing
Support for arbitrary transformation of moving objects (rotations, animations)
Garantees zero intersections
Persistant contact points (eliminates jiggling when objects are at rest)
Detailed collision information
Objects can slide across each other

In the code:

Line segment-line segment intersection test that returns the intersection point
Swept circle - circle intersection test that returns normal of collision and
T=0..1 as estimation of intersection point
Swept circle - edge intersection test
Swept edge - circle intersection test

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Looks pretty good, and collision works well, overall I think It would be great if you could add static gravity force, and add posibility to interact with objects in the demo.

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What do you mean by static gravity force?

Also, enter starts the simulation, space stops it, and tab steps through frame by frame.

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