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Quick cross product question

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Hi, with the cross product of two vectors, eg: (x,y,z) = (y1*z2 - z1*y2, z1*x2 - x1*z2, x1*y2 - y1*x2) Am I supposed to also get the absolute value for each of the x,y,z as well? eg: (x,y,z) = (|y1*z2 - z1*y2|, |z1*x2 - x1*z2|, |x1*y2 - y1*x2|) THanks edit: Btw im asking because im learning to calculate the equation of a plane and in this article i got two vectors 4, 6, 1 3, 7, 6 and they give the cross product as 29, 21, 10, where i got 29, -21, 10 instead.

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