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DirectInput Aquire() Fails

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If the window is not visible or the active window at the time I am initializing the Keyboard and Mouse as input devices in DirectInput, then Aquire() will fail when I call it on the mouse object. I don't know why this happens. It works perfectly fine otherwise. For example, if I step through the DirectInput initialization process via the Visual Studio debugger, it will fail because the window is not active/visible. The error return is DI_OK, but FAILED() says it failed. Below is my setup process, in case you're curious of my code:

        memset(m_KeyTap, 0, 256);

        CSAFECALL(DirectInput8Create(m_Window->GetInstance(), DIRECTINPUT_VERSION,
            IID_IDirectInput8, (void**)&m_Object, NULL));

        // Initialize Keyboard
        CSAFECALL(m_Object->CreateDevice(GUID_SysKeyboard, &m_Keyboard, NULL));
        CSAFECALL(m_Keyboard->SetCooperativeLevel(m_Window->GetWindowHandle(), DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE | DISCL_BACKGROUND));

        // Initialize Mouse
        CSAFECALL(m_Object->CreateDevice(GUID_SysMouse, &m_Mouse, NULL));
        CSAFECALL(m_Mouse->SetCooperativeLevel(m_Window->GetWindowHandle(), DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE | DISCL_BACKGROUND));

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I think that's just how things are. You can't acquire the device from a hidden window. Anyway, DI is going away soon, so it's recommended that you switch to standard Win32 API calls for keyboard and mouse, and only use DI for joysticks and controllers and stuff.

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