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playing avi in mcisendstring

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I'm not sure if it'll help, but you can try using the VB tutorials on how to do this in C++ and see if it works [wink] From one source:

mciSendString("Open myfilm.avi type AVIVideo Alias Video", "",0,0);
mciSendString("Play Video FullScreen","",0,0);
mciSendString("Close Video","",0,0);

Of course change the "myfilm.avi" to your own file. Like I said, not sure if it'll work, but things are *usually* the same b/t C++ and VB usage of Win32 api calls.

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What's wrong with using command messages? MSDN has a section that describes playing AVIs using that method here:

As an added bonus, that section contains source code.

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