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Structure within a structure

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Hey guys, i need some really quick help, im supposed to be implementing a tree data type, anyhoo, i have prob so i have
struct catergory_element
 char catergory_title[20]
 catergory *next_cat
 struct element
 char element_name[20]
 element *next
ok so im trying to create a catergory, with N amount of elements so eg: +MOVIES -terminator -titanic -matirx etc. OK, problem is i cant exactly reach the members of the struct element, what i mean by this is, in a certain funtion i have catergory *start_c = NULL; element *start_e = NULL; catergory works, however element part doesnt, i even tried catergory.element *start_e = NULL, nothing works!!! how could i reach the struct in the struct?

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