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best way to integrate Lua with c++

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Currently I'm experimenting with Lunar ( to bind my C++ classes to Lua. It uses a simple template to allow you to choose which member functions to expose, and allows you to choose the 'class name' which is used in Lua. After registering the class with Lua, you can then do things in Lua like:

MyButton = Button("Test",x,y,width,height)

function Button:OnAction()
printf("User clicked button %s", self.GetCaption())

Most likely, you'd want to write a wrapper-class which acts as an interface between Lua and the actual instance of your class.

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LuaPlus + LuaBind.

- Clean binding from script->C++ (including oop)
- pretty crash-resistant

- Unicode
- Script debugging marginally easier from plugins
- handles all the messy stack-handling stuff

Wouldn't go back to pure LUA for love or money.


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