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Anymore of STL that I should be aware of?

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Kazade    1019
Hi everyone, Over the last few months ive been trying to learn how to use STL properly. I've been using vector and string for a while now and i've been trying to learn about the most frequently used classes. At the moment I have read up on the following: vector string list slist deque map iterators Are there any other elements of the STL that are used very frequently and that are vital for me to learn? Luke.

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Nitage    1107
Ok, that covers the containers (althought slist isn't part of the standard library, it's an extension). You should prbably make sure you understand how to use custom allocators with them.

Here a list of other things I find useful in the standard library:

  • auto_ptr (in <memory>)
  • the sorting/searching algorithms (<algorithm>)
  • the exception classes (<stdexcept>) - it's useful to have all your exception classes convertable to std::exception&

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