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Problem with Index Buffer

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Hi..i'm going to write an algorithm to build a sphere tree to use for collision detection purposes. Since i want to store geometry information in the leaf-spheres of the tree i'm extracting vertex/index data from the source mesh for leater elaboration. Anyway, problem is that LockIndexBuffer returns to me D3DXERR_CANNOTMODIFYINDEXBUFFER. The problem is nested on the first step of the algorithm where i'm accessing both the vertex buffer and the index buffer to elaborare them to build a new buffer leaked of all the information unuseful for the purposes
void  SCBoundingSphere::buildTree(const D3DXMESHDATA* pMeshData)
	if(m_fRadius == 0.0f)

	DWORD dwNumVertices, dwStride;
	void* pVertexData = 0; //to access vertex data
	DWORD* pIndexData = 0; //to access index data
	D3DXVECTOR3* pBuffRes; //temp storage for vertex, to convert in VertexInfo

	dwNumVertices	= pMeshData->pMesh->GetNumVertices();
	m_dwIndexCount  = pMeshData->pMesh->GetNumFaces() * 3;
	dwStride		= pMeshData->pMesh->GetNumBytesPerVertex();

	pMeshData->pMesh->LockVertexBuffer(NULL, (void**)&pVertexData);
		pBuffRes = isolateVertexData((D3DXVECTOR3*)pVertexData, dwNumVertices, dwStride);	

	HRESULT hr = pMeshData->pMesh->LockIndexBuffer(0,  (void**)&pIndexData); //ERROR: D3DXERR_CANNOTMODIFYINDEXBUFFER

		buildVertexInfo(pBuffRes, (DWORD*)pIndexData);

	while(m_bHasUncontainedVertexes) //build a generation of child spheres

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Try changing the call to
pMeshData->pMesh->LockIndexBuffer(D3DLOCK_DISCARD ...

and see if that does anything

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Also, try locking with D3DLOCK_READONLY, it might not be allowing you to modify the data (you only want to read the data, right?).

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