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Basic Football Manager?

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hiya all I know how to do bubble sort with league table but I do have problem making Tranfer makets database (such as selling and buying new player) Fixture list. does anyone have basic small example or tips? cheers P.S. I know programming basic such as QBasic,Pascal, C and c++.

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Here are requirements for a basic fixture list:

Simple requirements
1) Each team plays each other twice, once at home, once away.
2) The season is split into 2 halves, ie the second half of the season is the mirror of the first half.

More complex requirements
3) You try to alternate between home and away as much as possible. You wouldn't expect a team to play more than about 2-3 home games in a row.
4) (if you're getting really picky) Teams from the same town should not both play at home on the same day.

How could you achieve this? I guess the most obvious way would be to give each team a number and then use a random number generator. Each result would need to be run through a series of checks to ensure it is valid. Obviously you need to keep a handle on what has already been done so that you can meet these conditions. It won't be the quickest thing in the world, but then you only do it once per season so that doesn't really matter.


It's hard to know where to start. A lot of it will depend on what player stats you keep. Players will get sold because:

a) they're surplus to requirements.
b) the club wants money to pay of debts/fund another transfer.
c) another club makes an offer way in excess of what the player is worth.
d) the manager doesn't like them.
e) they don't like the manager.
f) they want to go to a bigger club for success.
g) they feel they need a new challenge.
h) they're unsettled in the area...

...you get the idea, but the list could go on and on. For a basic game, perhaps you should stick to a) and c) to start. So players would become available because there are too many who play in that position, but clubs will listen to offers way in excess of what the player is worth. You can always add extra algorithms when the basics are working.

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that is cool...

I guess for fixture list...the code will be For loop to check the fixture

As for tranfer market...I think I am looking at basic football manager(in old day of C64 of Kevin tom if anyone know what I mean)


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