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how to pack a fp32 in two fp16

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Hi, basically i need to pack a 32bit float in two 16bit float. What i want to do: I need to pack two 32 bits float in the four RGBA channel with fp16 internal format. I found some code but I can't get it to work properly. I want to write 2 tex coords in a RGBA fp16. pack code in a vertex shader:
float f = 8.0;
vec2 temp = max(gl_TexCoord[0].xy, 0.0);
vec2 msb = floor(temp * f) / f;
vec2 lsb = fract(temp * f); //(temp - msb) * f;
gl_FragColor.xyzw = vec4(msb.x, lsb.x, msb.y, lsb.y);

The output is rendered in a texture bound as color attachment to the current fbo. Later, i want to get the two packed tex coords with reading the previous written texture. unpack code in a different fragment shader:
vec4 temp = textureCube(CubeMap, WorldSpaceLightVec);
const vec2 weights = vec2( 8192.0, 8.0 );
temp *= weights.xyxy; // unpack [.rg -> u coord, .ba -> v coord ]
vec3 texCoord;
texCoord.x = temp.x + temp.y;
texCoord.y = temp.z + temp.w;

I need to use GL_RGBA16F_ARB internal format instead of GL_RGBA32F_ARB, in order to allow linear interpolation. If someone has an idea why it's not working or how to do such thing, please help me. Thanks in advance. [Edited by - Alkiem on October 20, 2005 8:08:43 PM]

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