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Toying with an idea - encounters in multiplayer rpgs

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This is my stupid idea for a (not massive) multiplayer online rpg. I do not intend to make such a game, I just find the idea interesting and I want to share it. All the players walk in the same room, but they can only see other players if they suceed in a virtual dice roll. Each player has an encounter zone. If the encounter zones of two players meet each other, there is an encounter and a battle. Each player has his own starting position, and he needs to get to his own destenation in order to win. If a player gets killed, he is transferred back to his starting position. The player must consider if he wants to increase his battle stats to survive the battles, or his attention and movement stats, so he can avoid battles in his way to his destenation. There will also be levers and switches that change the environment. Naturaly, If one player wants to switch on so he can proceed to his destenation, another player with a different destenation will want it off. The players can't see each other, so they can't tell if the switch is being switched back because of a timer or because of another player. So what do you guys think?

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Sounds extremelly and unecesary confuse.

But i didnt understood some things:

- they start at the same time? (the game should have cycles to define the start)
- what would make 1 player attack another, and not just walk to his destination?
- what is a "room" and "environment" in that game? I mean, each player has its own encounter zone, so theyre transported to there then they encounter themselves? And when this happen?

I got specially confused about the switch and level thing. I didnt understood anything.

PS: No idea is stupid, unless you get a top seller title and make a totally diferent game that has nothing to do with it. (MOO3, X Com Enforcer, Fallout Tatics, Starcraft Ghost, etc...)

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