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OPAL 0.3.1 : Open Physics Abstraction Layer

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Update OPAL team is pleased to announce the update: OPAL 0.3.1 This update contains a lot of bug fixes and optimizations. For a complete list, see the changelog. Overview OPAL has two main goals: 1. to provide a high-level physics interface, and 2. to provide an abstract interface that is independent of the underlying physics engines. Although some similar libraries focus mainly on #2, OPAL is more focused on #1. Even though #2 is important for comparing physics engines or using multiple physics engines in the same application, OPAL’s primary concern is giving developers a simple, powerful interface with high-level constructs. Features For example, ODE is the officially supported physics engine. OPAL provides an independent layer on top of ODE and provides a lot of high-level features that ODE does not possess, such as: * xml file storage for complex objects * breakable joints * sensors * motors * event handlers (e.g. collision events, joint break events) * tested on Windows, Linux, IRIX, and Mac OS X For complete list of features, see OPAL:Features. More * Downloads * Website * OPAL:Users * OPAL forums Our Plans In development: * TrueAxis support * Higher-level Framework based on OPAL and OGRE Thank you for your time.

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