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[java] Try out this nice puzzle games

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Another new complete game developed using GTGE game library: Check it out here: Very addictive if you understand how to play it :D Another puzzle game: Applet: Both games come with auto generated level, thus you can challenge as many levels as you can. Comments, feedback are really appreciated.

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I like the fresh puzzle idea and the groovy music!
I think a pros and cons list will fit here:


  • Really wellmade and shiny graphics. Even though the game mechanics are pretty basic, the game looks and feels great!

  • Unlimited number of levels (in practical). I love games with unlimited number of levels. Ahh, I remember the old days. The classic Worms for DOS still owns. If you havn't played the level "Thomas" go do it now.

  • The game is crossplatform [wink]

  • Cons

  • Anyone who beats it on a highscore list are worthy of stating his name [smile]

  • Once you have figured out how to think, there's not much challange left. I think that the puzzles genre is the only genre to gain from complexity. MindYaBlox would be more challanging if it would have a more complex gameplay. Maybe something in line with adding more colors and having more complex "flip-templates".

Now we're talking challange!

Another game with a cool puzzle concept. If you'd mix Rockblocks gameplay with MindYaBlocks graphics and music: voila, das über puzzle game.

You have the skills to make great graphics and music, and you have the skills for a challanging puzzlegame, you only needs to use the skills on a single game!

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Nope, I stoped playing at lvl 19.

Hey! It felt like a completly diffrent game after level 25. That kind of levels should really come a lot earlier. Like at level 10 or something. I mean lvl 1-25 is really just a warmup. It is at lvl 26 that the game demands some IQ. It took me about equal time to get from lvl 1 to lvl 25, and from lvl 26 to lvl 30 [wink]!

I think you should tighten the challenge-curve. And don't forget to implement that highscore list with custom names. I know, implementing name input in Java sucks, but it's essential for a highscore.

PM me or bump this thread when the game's updated. I've got it bookmarked.

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