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[web] Flash 8 filters - blur problem

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Hello! In an animation I am creating, I want to have clouds that fly over the scene so i created a movieclip with some lines painted in it with brush tool in color about 0xB2FFFFFF, 70 alpha white. Then I set a filter on this movie clip, blur, set the settings at 50X50, medium quality. It now looks like a bunch of clouds, alright! I made a motion tween with this, from topright to bottomleft, alpha 0 to 100 to 100 to 0 (fade in, fade out. When i look at it in flash, it lags a lot (my MC is huge) but everything is fine. but when I export it as a swf, all I get is my not-blurred lines and that looks really ugly! I tryed with another movie clip, same blur levels, from left to right, alpha 0 to 100 and it worked fine. Does flash omits filters when there are chances that this will kill your computer with the lagging? Thanks!

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