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Help with an interview question

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hi I have received an email questionnaire from one of the game companies. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this. It is a conceptual question Q: We have a game that we want to be rendering at 60 frames per second but currently at it’s worst it doesn’t achieve this because there are too many enemies, enemy shots and explosions to update in a frame. Assume the code has been optimized to it’s fullest. Suggest ways to get a game rendering at 60 frames a second give the information below? Each frame has 100,000 cycles. AI update for 100 enemies takes (worst case) 50,000 cycles Player control update takes (worst case) 30,000 cycles Rendering takes (worst case) 30,000 cycles Particle update (explosions and enemy shots) takes (worst case – 200 particles) 20,000 cycles. Answer: I was thinking of different answers. One could be that the we can increase the sampling rate by increasing the resolution. I would appreciate any help regards pf

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