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Text (ID3DXFont)

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Hi, I am using C++ and Direct3D9. I am also using ID3DXFont. I am using the DrawText function to draw text. The only problem with this is if I draw a texture and a font in the same place, the font will always be at the top. So there is no way to make a texture go above the font, ie alter the z order of the font and texture. The main way I think to get around my problems is to somehow make the text become vertices and be rendered along with my other textures with one call to drawprimitive. So, anyone know how to make ID3DXFont text become vertices so that it can be drawn using drawprimitive? For example if there was a function that could be like drawtext, but instead of drawing the text to the screen, it would create vertices somehow which would be drawn by drawprimitive.

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