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Object Matrix in 3d tile-based game(OpenGL, Visual C++ 6.0)

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Im trying to use a object matrix to build the landscape of a 3d tile-based game(a la final fantasy tatics). Each position in the matrix correspond to a tile in the landscape. the constructor of the Tile class just initiates the variables with 0, and i use a getTile(parameters...) to load the variables with the parameters, and a drawTiles() to actually draw them in the screen, all from the Tile class. so im going trough the matrix, loading the values with getTile(...), and when i get to position[2][3], i get the message: "Release device context failed" and "could not unregister class"(im using the code from Nehe's first lesson to initialize the window). is this as weird as it looks to me? its ok up to a certain value in the matrix, and no more? even with drawTile(), i can only get to landscape[2][2].drawTile(), when i go to landscape[2][3], i get the same errors. any help will be apreciated.

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