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Wrong Version of DirectX9

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Haytil    525
Hi, I recently had to reformat my computer's hard drive, and re-install everything I had, including MSVC 6.0 and the DirectX 9 SDK. I installed the DirectX 9 Summer Update 2003 version of the SDK. The problem is, my code, which I had backed up, doesn't work anymore. The new DirectX 9 docs say my DirectX 9 calls, which previously worked, are not correct. I noticed they suggest slightly different number/types of parameters. Clearly I have the wrong version of DirectX 9. In the version I used to have, in order to use the ID3DXFont interface to draw text, you had to call an ID3DXFont->Begin() and End() function, which no longer exists. Furthermore, you now need a parameter for the ID3DXSprite->Begin() function, whereas you didn't before. Was the version I was using an older or newer version? (If it was an older version, is there a way I can use this newer version to use the older version's code for my old projects yet use the newer code for my current/future projects?) Thanks. -Gauvir_Mucca

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Omid Ghavami    1007
That is probably the version of D3DX helper library, and not DirectX9, which differs.
So yes you can use different versions for your projects, if you can obtain them. Simply link your project to the desired d3dx version dll.

Hope this helps


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jollyjeffers    1570
The Summer 2003 SDK is, as the name suggests, a little old now [smile]

At a quick count, there have been 7 releases since then, of which the latest 6 will not work with VC6.

You basically have the choice of:

1. Finding the SDK that you originally created the code with, effectively restoring your development environment back to how it used to be

2. Picking a different SDK (upto and including the October 2004 release) and migrating your code accordingly. For the most part, the changes won't be too severe...


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