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How to launch web page with MacOS / Carbon

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Hello all, Does anybody know how to programatically launch a web browser under MacOS X? I have a game which launches a website "help/register", and on Windows all I had to do was execute
ShellExecute(hWnd, "open", "", "", "", SW_SHOW | SW_MAXIMIZE);
On MacOS X, I'm using Carbon (I target MacOS X 10.2 and up). Does anybody know how to do this? I'm several days into google and Apple developer website searching, and I've found nothing. Thanks I lot in advance!

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This is how I launch a broswer on OS X in Jooleem:

CFURLRef url = NULL;

// Create a string ref of the URL:
CFStringRef urlStr = CFStringCreateWithCString( NULL, "", kCFStringEncodingASCII);

// Create a URL object:
url = CFURLCreateWithString (NULL, urlStr, NULL);

// Open the URL:
LSOpenCFURLRef(url, NULL);

// Release the created resources:

Hope this helps.

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