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DirectShow Windowless Mode

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Hi all, I have a question about DirectShow inside Borland CBuilder. I managed to get everything I need of DirectX working in Borland. I've used DirectDraw and DirectSound before. The problem I have now, is that I want to play a video in Windowless mode in Borland. This requires me to supply a HWND to the destination output for the video. Now, with DirectDraw, when I blit my image, I could simply supply a handle to an TCanvas inside a TImage, but that doesn't work for DirectShow. I tried using TFrames and TForms, and although those handles don't return an error, I'm still not getting any video on any of them. I'm already calling RepaintVideo on every OnPaint message event, so that shouldn't be the problem... has anyone implemented DirectShow into Borland already? And what did you use to render your video onto?

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