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Escaper game (PSP)

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Im a European Playstation Portable owner and I hate the fact that 2.00 firmwar of PSP cant run homebrew games. When the PSP was released in Azia and America people were able to make games for PSP, but piracy was also possible this way. When the PSP was released in Europe Sony desided to release a new firmwar with extra securety and a internet browser. Homebrew was history if you upgraded to the new firmwar but a lot of people with the 1.5 version didnt upgrade. They didnt get the internet browser from 2.00 but they were still able to run homebrew. I really wanted to make a game for PSP2.00 so I desited to make a HTML game to run on the internet browser on PSP2.00. After 3 days of work my game was finished. I didnt expect a lot of positive reactions because of the fact that its only HTML. I didnt know that it was the first homebrew game for PSP2.00, and it has been downloaded more than 3000 times. My game was a big succes and I still cant believe it. [Edited by - Betelgeuze on October 23, 2005 7:45:16 AM]

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