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gluDisk issues

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Hi, Being new to the game programming world I tried my hand at making a small pacman game. I chose OpenGL and SDL to do the job. The reason I chose OpenGL and SDL was that I wanted the game to be portable. I used Bloodshed Dev C ++ to do the developement work. Now the game has been completed and runs smoothly on Windows XP, but it runs very slowly (FPS wise) on Linux. Now the game involved drawing a lot of circles (like for pacman, the monsters, the pills, and super pills) and as OpenGL didn't have a direct call for drawing a circle I used gluDisk() to draw each of the pills, super pills, the monsters and gluPartialDisk to draw Pacman. How much processing needs to be done during a gluDisk call ? Is it dumb to use gluDisk to draw a circle ? Could that be the reason for the program being so slow in Linux? If you are interested in the looking at the source file it is here. There is just one problem that pacman sometimes goes inside the maze (when it is at corners).

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