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inlining a member call made from a reference

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Will/can a compiler inline a member function if it is called from a reference to an object, like so:
template <class T>
class container
    T& ref; //reference to an object implementing 'void do_something()'

    container(T& r) : ref(r) { }

    void make_call() { ref.do_something(); }
I would like to say that a general compiler would inline away make_call() and do_something() but I'm not convinced but I need to know now as this is performance crucial code i'm trying (*ahem, sniff*) to write. [smile] Thanks Dmatter P.S. I found it hard to find much on google, if anyone can offer any good search terms or a good linky, it'd be appreciated too.

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You could look at the disassembly you compiler generates rather than ask us. /FA family of switches for MSVC, -S for gcc. It probably is a better judge of what it will inline than humans.

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