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How to implement print/print preview to dialog-based OpenGL VC++ app?

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First of all, you'll have to create a printer device context then draw your OpenGL scene to it. There's probably a wgl function or extension that let's you blit from OpenGL to a normal DC. Maybe you should try searching MSDN or Google for answers.

What exactly are you trying to do? What kind of OpenGL program are you making? Are you completely new to Win32? Is there a reason you can't take a screenshot and print it in MSPaint? Please try to be more informative in your post. Printing can be fairly complex, especially when your program doesn't use standard Win32 drawing methods.


You shouldn't do that. Most people (especially the mods) don't appreciate bumping threads (Read the FAQ).

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Thanks for your concern and I'm sorry for bumping this thread, I did'nt know that its inappropriate on this forum.

What I'm trying to achieve anyway is to implement print/preview the way doc/view framework behaves. I already made the dialog-base working and I'm also having difficulty converting it to SDI. The program should be able to print the different primitives shown on the display.

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