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New Critique...Old Game Idea

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I found this while searching through some of my old listings, it recieved a lot of really positive feedback a few years ago, so lets see if it stood the test of time as far as being innovative and cool. Im going to put edited parts in CLIMB! copyright 2001 by Adam C First off, there are two modes to CLIMB!. The First mode is Competitive mode. This is the multiplayer mode, faster action, power ups, and more fun with friends. Its supposed to be frantic. The Second Mode is Freeclimb mode. This mode would utilize the high end graphics to mimic outdoor mountain environments, the use of perspective to capture the feel of dizzying heights, and actual rocky terrain. This would be a single player mode that puts you against the mountain, literally. COMPETITIVE MODE I think this would make a great multiplayer game, on any platform. The concept is simple. You have to scale the course faster than your opponents. Each course will be a 3D tower of sorts. Players start on different sides. There are different ways to climb, some are faster, some are easier, some are more difficult, or more tricky to manuver to. Each player is equipped with 2 safety cords.(Note: I think I want to change this to 1 safety cord, with hooks on each end) These cords keep you from falling. But they are both only so long, thus limiting your range as you climb. You can climb free, but if you fall for more than 2 seconds you are out. (Note: I think it would be better if you fell for a certain distance, you would have to start at the beginning of that section of the course) POINTS- You score points a few ways. The line you take, move to move, is worth points. The cleaness of your moves, and the degree of difficulty also increase points. (Ex: You can take the same line twice. On the second time, you skip a hold, and leap to the next hold. You will get more points, and save time.) A sloppy manuver can result in point deductions. Another way to get points is to block an opponent on a route. That means crossing into his route, and taking it. Now he must find another way to go. Players cannot use a hold that has been used until the final area of each course. TIME- Your time is the most important thing. You want to get to the top as fast as you can. While it is possible to win with points if you do not finish first, the bulk of points awarded will be from your time remaining. CHARCTERS- While I plan on designing NPC to play against, I have yet to do so. Let me just fill you in the stats, and basic moves. The basic stats are Height (HT.), Weight (WT.), Reach (RCH.), Strength (STR.), Stamina (STA.), and Grip (GRP.). Stats will be wieghted against each other for balance purposes. Charaters can be chosen from nation teams (USA, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, and Canada), each team having 3 characters. Final number of teams yet TBD. MOVES- As far as action buttons you use, here what I have. Each represents a different action assigned to a button. Hang/Grab, Switch (Foot or Hand), Plant, Un/Hook Cord, and Swing/Jump. The (3) basic moves are HOLD, SWING, and VAULT. Moves can be performed with either one hand or 2 hands. Im still working this out, any suggestion would be appreciated. One of the main things I wanted to accomplish was a way to make both modes interesting and yet fun. In the Competitive Mode, the fun comes from playing against multiple opponents on the man made climbing towers. I want to make sure there are instant power-ups and point multipiers as well as bonuses for overall stats, to give small goals to the player or reasons to take harder routes on the way to the larger goal, being the top of the tower. This part of the game would be more fantastic than real. I think I can see people playing something like this with friends, or even networked with opponents worldwide (lofty hopes, I know). Even better would be the fact that it would feature a random hold generator to set some of the stages. That way, the shape and dynamic of the climbing tower would be the same, but the location, size and shape othe holds would not be the same every time. On the FreeClimb Mode, I pictured something that requires more patience and skill, and would focus more on the "outdoor" element. Natural hand and foot holds, not so easily marked. Realistic textures, and shadows, and pathwear where a route has been taken to guide you along the easy ways, leaving the harder ways up the mountain for you to find. There are so many types of rock faces around the world, from the red rocks of Arizona, to the inverted cliffs of Switzerland, or the lush vertical faces of South America. Even an Ice Climbing stage. Maybe even have equipment play a factor on the Freeclimb. The real goal would be to complete a carefully climbed trek up to the peak, rather than a wrecklessly rushed marathon to the top as in competitive mode. Skill over Speed. Anyway, thats all for now, Let me know what you all think and if this sounds like something that would be fun. PEACE!!

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