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[Feedback Requested] Pre-Design Mobile Game Treatment

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Hi there, fellow designers! I'm working on a puzzle game for Java-enabled mobile devices. I've got some solid ideas down and I'm posting this treatment to keep the creative process going. I'd really appreciate your feedback on this first draft, so I can gather more ideas on what to add, take away, do differently, etc. Thanks in advance! Spaceballs Design Treatment v1.0 November 3, 2005 Copyright 2005 Charles Walker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Concept Join the wacky spaceballs on their hilarious quest! Rotate and match spaceballs of the same color to keep the ship moving, but don’t take too long or you’ll be lost in space! Featuring familiar gameplay, hilarious characters and tons of style, Spaceballs is one of the most funny and addictive games that you’ll want on your mobile! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Core Gameplay The objective of the game is to match spaceballs of the same color to fill the steadily decreasing energy gauge. The spaceballs fall from the top of the screen to fill a Tetris-like game field. The player uses a triangular-shaped cursor to rotate three spaceballs at a time. Matching three or more spaceballs pops them from the board, allowing remaining spaceballs to bounce down the pile – and possibly create combos. As more spaceballs are cleared, more fall from the top. The game is over when the energy gauge is depleted. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Theme Spaceballs takes mobile gaming over the edge with wacky animations, lovable characters and hilarious sound effects. The spaceballs will jiggle, squeak and even fart as they bounce around on screen. Impressive physics make the action more realistic. Add in an awesome soundtrack, and you have a delightful feast for your eyes and ears! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genre Spaceballs is a 2D action puzzle game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Target Audience The comical style and fast action of Spaceballs is designed to attract younger mobile users that frequently play games; however, the short learning curve and simple, rewarding gameplay gives Spaceballs a broader appeal to users of all ages and types.

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