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x64 Compilation on a x64 Platform

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I heard this isn't possible (there's a restriction of some sort) through Visual Studio .NET 2003. But has anyone managed to compile x64 apps with .Net 2003 and a x64 powered windows? If so, can you please point me in the right direction. I tried this site: http://www.windowsserverx64.com/csk/technical_articles/software/50.aspx but the links to the custom bat files are broken and I have no idea how to configure them (and what to configure). ??: "" You'll find out, when you have to manually change environment variables because they aren't properly set. "" What does he do here: "" to compile it for native 64-bit and give it a test run on my AMD64 machine. So I set the environment using the following command: c:\winddk\bin\setenv.bat c:\winddk fre amd64 After giving the test compile a try with: cl -O2 hello.cpp "" ??: "" Microsoft said that compiling 64-bit directly on 64-bit Windows for the AMD64 is not supported. /.../ The procedure to accomplish this is very easy and straight forward. Execute the following steps. Copy the entire content of DDK installation base including sub-directories, eg.:'c:\winddk' to your Windows for x64 Edition installation. Don't forget to change your %PATH% environment variable. Replace the 'setenv.bat' with my modified version (and rename it). You can now compile and link 64-bit applications directly on Windows x64 Editions. "" I also figure that compiling directx through x64 should be even harder. Has anyone managed to do this? Or is there better x64 support in .NET 2005? It's been over a year now and microsoft hasn't done anything. MS support for x64 is shit.

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