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Where are important XCode build options set?

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Hello there, I'm not new to C++ but I am somewhat new to game development and completely new to XCode. The following is my last two months of Google searching and strife, with the relevant parts summed up. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm working on the mac side of a cross-platform game with someone else. It's using C++/OpenGL, no SDL. After numerous STL-related compiler problems, we managed to get the thing compiling properly using a makefile which compiles using g++. The problem with this is that in order to compile, I have to go into the terminal, make, move the executable to a /Release directory, cd to the directory and run the executable. This isn't really fun for development. If I try and set an external build target using in XCode, it will only say "failed" or "succeeded". No error output, and that line is almost always wrong, failing then producing a working executable or succeeding with nonsense junk in the code. After asking elsewhere and doing yet more googling, I decided to scrap the external target idea and once again work in XCode directly. Problem is, as before, I now get 960(!) errors in code which compiles fine with the g++-referencing makefile. None of these errors are actually in my code, they are all in files such as stl_algo.h and cstring.h Here's the question: I suspect that there is something in the makefile (linking, general compiler options) which I need to add to the project's build options, but having not worked with XCode before I'm unsure what this looks like, being presented only with a scary-looking list of possible build options. What sort of thing is it likely that I need change from XCode's default "c++ tool" build options in order to get this thing compiling? I can post the makefile if it helps, and any and all help at this issue would be appreciated. I feel like i'm close to getting this working and it's a simple matter of turning a metaphorical screw, the problem is just knowing which screw to turn. Cheers.

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