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DirectPlay / Serialization question.

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I'm trying to send objects using serialization in VB.NET. I'm having problem reading data at the receiver's end. ' Sender's end. Public Structure Chat Dim fromPlayerID As Integer Dim toPlayerID As Integer Dim Message As String End Structure Sub Main Dim C as Chat C.Message = “Test” SendData(“CHAT”, C) End Sub Public Overloads Sub SendData(ByVal pHeader As String, ByVal pData As Object) Dim packet As New NetworkPacket Dim data(30) As Byte Dim st As Stream = New MemoryStream(data, True) Dim sw As New StreamWriter(st) sw.WriteLine(pHeader) sw.WriteLine(pData) sw.Close() packet.Write(data) m_Client.Send(packet, 0, SendFlags.Sync Or SendFlags.NoLoopback) ' Outgoing data End Sub 'SendData ' Reciever's end. Public Sub ReceiveHandler(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As ReceiveEventArgs) Dim head As String Dim str As String Dim packet As NetworkPacket packet = args.Message.ReceiveData Dim buf As Byte() ReDim buf(packet.Length) buf = CType(packet.Read(GetType(Byte), packet.Length), Byte()) Dim st As Stream = New MemoryStream(buf) Dim sr As New StreamReader(st) head = sr.ReadLine() '***Problem*** At this point, Head can read the message "CHAT" but how do I read the structure C ? Select Case head Case "CHAT" '***Problem*** Here, how to read data from structure C ? End Select sr.Close() End Sub 'ReceiveHandler Thank you. /bow

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