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David Makin

C++ Mobile development library, PTDev

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Hi all, The next beta version of PTDev is now available. This version includes support for developing PTDev applications under Visual Studio 2005 (beta). PTDev is a fast C++ graphics/sound library, currently for Windows Mobile devices and PC's, support for Symbian development to be added. Noteable features include: Virtual collision checking of all blitter objects including rotated/scaled ones is available (without any extra blitting). Re-alignment/orientation of surfaces to match the backbuffer/display on changes to the xPitch and yPitch for optimum performance is achieved without memory overheads. Mask surface collision testing allows the testing/use of 16-bit masks instead of just 16-bit values, allowing the discovery/identification of multiple collisions in a single function call. Full 32-channel sound available in licensed version (8 in beta/demo). PTDev beta 1.01 can be found here: or from here: Any comments/queries/suggestions to: Anyone going to the Microsoft developer's conference in Birmingham, UK on Tuesday the 8th November could meet representatives of Parystec there, if you wish to do so please contact Steve at the above E-mail address. bye Dave (Parys Technografx)

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