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[.net] Tab style pannel flipping

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I'm trying to set up a series of pannels that lie over one another, each containing different data. The top most pannel (the one that is currently visable) is set based on some event. The behavior is similiar to the way tabs work, but without the tabs. The problem I am having is that currently when I swap them I set the pannels visable property to false (for the one that was previously visable) then take the one that should be visable next and set it's visable property to true. That has the desired behavior (with the old panel hiding and the new one showing) but with the problem that all the components on the new one kind of 'flicker' there way onto the screen when the panel is made visable. Does anyone know how to get around this (maybe in the panels paint function) so that it draws everything before it shows, rather than drawing each piece and causing some graphical disturbance. I know it's possible because with tabs things are always smooth and instantanious.

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