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[web] javascript and turning a string into an integer

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I am making a simple dice server as a first project with javascript. I have the user select the dice size, number of dice to roll, and the amount to modify the roll by. These values are stored in a list box in a form; the form is passed to the number generation function when the user hits a submit button. The problem is javascript's lack of type safety, I guess. When I get these values and try to perform integer arithmetic on them, the code looks like this: var modify_dice_by = form.modify.value; ... var roll = RandomInteger(1, 6) + modify_dice_by; Unfortunately, the above treats "roll" as a string; it sets its value to a random integer from 1-6, and then appends the value of modify_dice_by, rather than adding the value. So if modify_dice_by was equal to "3", and RandomInteger() returned 4, roll would be equal to "43", instead of 7. What can I do to solve this? Thanks!

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