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Problems understanding render to texture techniques

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Hello, I have a 3x3 grid of vertices( 9 vertices ) and I want to put the position values of the vertices in floating point textures. Render it to the another texture which acts as render target using TLQuad and after rendering it copy the position values to a third texture and retreive the position values. I know that I am just copying the position values but I am doing this so that I can understand render to texture technique. I have tried a lot but when I read the values back from the render target I don't get the same values. My questions regarding this tecnique are: 1> What is the format of the TLQuad and what are values for position and tex coords. 2> I am using a 2D floating point textures of 3x3 for rendertarget and position textures. Are the dimensions and size of textures correct. 3> What device setting are required. 4> Does the viewport size have to be changed. Currently it is 640x480. Once I undestand I can use a pixel shader to do a lot of interesting things to the vertex position. Please help, Thanks

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