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Christian Johansson

3D Collision Detection?

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Okey solved my Shadow Problem and ran into another... This time it's Collision Detection between two 3D Models (.x) I have searched for about 2 days now and i just can't seem to find a GOOD sample/tutorial on how to do collision detection between 3D Models. Anyone who knows about a good arcticle wih sample PLEASE help me out and let me know. It's quite frustrating beeing stuck! =) Or if anyone can do a simple sample where a box and a spehere collides and stops uppon collide. Kind Regards Christian.

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Original post by fnm
some stuff (oliii's) here

Oh gee! Thank you SO much! =D

Edit: Nice samples BUT thoose are in OpenGL, i seek for Direct3D...

Anyone else?

Edit 2: Okey managed to do it myself however there's a prob when viewing the bounding volume. If i have a Crate and place a BoundingBox on it the BB gets like this: (Gets moved down in Y Axis to the Worlds middle point in Y axis rahter then the Crates middle point)

Boundig Fault?

Kind regards


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