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Gaming Galaxy is A forum I made several weeks ago. We are searching for members who might be interested. Rules are very lenient, so although this is mainly aimed at game-making, you can petty much post to your heart's desire. View the several up-and-running staff games, or various other projects of the multiple members here. In addition, Gaming Galaxy also has detailed FAQ sections for people who are just starting out, and a section requiring no screens, aimed at expressing ideas. We have weekly contests and disscussions, and loads of areas for requesting sprites/resources. The official site to go along with this forum is still in production, but we are hoping to build up a community of forum members, so that when the site is ready, it will not be neglected. Our goal is go gain over 100 members by the end of December, please help us become popular. Here's the Link: In addition to joining, any comments on the layout are also welcome ^_^

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