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[.net] getting full path of my .exe

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This is very OS Specific...

For windows 32:As SiCrane mentioned, you want to use GetModuleFilename to do this. This will give you the desired behavior you are looking for. The syntax for that is:

DWORD GetModuleFileName(
HMODULE hModule,
LPTSTR lpFilename,

You will want to pass NULL as hModule, that represents the currently running process. make sure lpFilename points to an already created buffer zone. That means if you are creating your data on the heap, be sure to new it beforehand, and delete it afterward. nSize should be the number of bytes that your buffer can hold, it is important that this is set to the size of the buffer (or smaller) or you could easily have yourself a buffer overrun.

Also, for some reason i think there may be an undesired differing behaviour on Win95, though i may be thinking of the TOOLHELP and PSAPI functionality which i find i use quite often (remote process enumeration and such).

Anyways, good luck!

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