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[java] Eclipse - Borland Together plugin

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Hi, I've been using the Borland Together Plugin for Eclipse as part of my Uni coursework (being done at home just now though, hence why I'm asking your help here instead of a member of staff there). I'm looking at the assignment I've been given, which says to create a class diagram, and to set two private static int members (which I've done). It says to use Eclipse to generate the Getter and Setter methods, which I've done. But it says that these methods should show up on my UML diagram as well as the variable names themselves, and if they don't I'm supposed to close the diagram and re-open it. The thing is, when everything's correct, the getter and setter methods just vanish from my UML diagram, but they're still in my code. The only time they show on the diagram is when I change the variable names of the public static int, which throws an error - the getter and setter methods appear on the diagram then, as I'm expected to. But they don't appear when everything's set as it should be. A screengrab might help (click to enlarge): As you can see, the getters and setters exist, but I want them to show on the UML diagram, which they refuse to do unless I deliberately screw up the variable names on the public static int's (underlined on the screenshot). Any ideas? I know this question seems a bit bizarre, and is probably classed as a homework question, but can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks for any help you can offer me - I'm not asking for any help on how to code the solution, I'm just asking for some help as to why the plugin isn't working properly. Thanks in advance, ukdeveloper.

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