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Greetings Everyone, I recently got the second edition of "Programming Role Playing Games with Direct X" and while following along I came accross a problem. In the XFile code the author used the IDirectXFile interface which is Deprecated. I decided to use the SDK docs to see if I could fix the code but I need some direction with the IDirectXFileEnumObject::GetNextDataObject function. in the source code it looks like this // Loop through all objects looking for the frames and meshes while(SUCCEEDED(pDXEnum->GetNextDataObject(&pDXData))) { ParseXFileData(pDXData, TempFrame, TexturePath); ReleaseCOM(pDXData); } GetNextDataObject doesn't exist in the new interface. Since this function is looping can i use while(SUCCEEDED(pDXEnum->GetChild(i++, &pDXData))) { ParseXFileData(pDXData, TempFrame, TexturePath); ReleaseCOM(pDXData); } or am i totally out to lunch? Thanks GuardStar

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