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Samurai Jack

Bootable CD with Encrypted data - stand alone?

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Samurai Jack    455
Greetings! I was wondering, what would be the fastest way, to create an Autoboot CD with enctypted data, a cd with jpegs and a viewer. You put the CD in Explorer, you might se the data but not read it - somekind of package. You should boot the cd but need the password. Does something like that exist? Maybe videos would go to? That would be also good for portfilios. You could send the cd with no password, they could see but not copy the pictures or animations?

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markr    1692
They could copy the CD though, password or no password.

If you then told them the password, they could pass it on to anybody who they gave the copies to.

So it seems like a bit of a pointless exercise.

Along with the fact that you'd have to create a bootable CD, no simple task in itself. They usually run Linux (Unless you use somehting like BartPE to generate it, in which case it is legally dubious to distribute it). They always have hardware compatibility issues, as you can only include so many drivers.


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