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How to get desktop resolution? (Win32)

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I have two monitors and extended desktop. True resolution is (2*1280, 1024). But, standart function: GetDeviceCaps(::GetDC(0), DESKTOPHORZRES); and GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXSCREEN ); returned desktop width as 1280.

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You want to use the EnumDisplayDevices method. Here's a sample:

device.cb = sizeof(DISPLAY_DEVICE);

for(int i = 0; ; i++)
if (!::EnumDisplayDevices(NULL, i, ref device, 0))

printf("Enumerated device: (id: %s) (name: %s) (state: %d)\n", device.DeviceID, device.DeviceName, device.StateFlags);

// If it's not connected to the desktop, then ignore it.
if ((device.StateFlags & ATTACHED_TO_DESKTOP) == 0)

// Get the display mode settings of this device.
DEVMODE devMode;
if (!::EnumDisplaySettings(device.DeviceName, ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, &devMode))

printf(" Position: (%d, %d) Size: %dx%d\n", devMode.dmPosition.x, devMode.dmPosition.y,
devMode.dmPelsWidth, devMode.dmPelsHeight);

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by Stroyev

But, I am work in VisualStudio6, and its have very old PlatformSDK :)
Nothing EnumDisplayDevices function :D
So download a new PlatformSDK freely from microsoft. If VC6 won't compile it, download Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition for free (legally) at


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