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Applications of AI topics

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Hello, I'm studying different AI topics at the moment, pretty much following the topics listed in Artificial Intelligence: Modern Approach. These are all cool techniques in themselves, but the question is: are there any real application areas (in games or otherwise) for them? So basically I'm asking: in which cool application areas have you seen the next topics used (or perhaps used yourself)? 1.) Searching (e.g. A*) 2.) Games (e.g. minimax) 3.) Local search (e.g. genetic algorithms) 4.) Logical reasoning (e.g. propositional, predicate, temporal) 5.) Planning 6.) Uncertain reasoning 7.) Decision making 8.) Machine learning 9.) Robotics & vision x.) Insert your own :) -- Mikko

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Im in the image processing / computer vision field.

Searching is used *anywhere*.

Some people in my field use Machine learning a lot, like for human recognition. Check out David Forsyth work's.

A classical example of fuzzy logic application is automatic cycle choice in high-end washing machines ;)

I would like to say that almost no one use neural networks anymore in my field. Most people use kernel machines instead now.

Im using a form of uncertain reasoning for the detection of clusters and segmentation in data point from images.

Well, all of these techniques have numerous applications. We use almost all of them only in Computer Vision.

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